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Poisoning may happen when a person is exposed to a harmful substance that can jeopardize their health or put their life at risk. The poison is not necessary to be ingested - if it is inhaled, injected, or even touched, it is also harmful. Sadly, most poisoning incidents occur at home from household chemicals and button batteries, and unsupervised children under five are the most in danger. The symptoms usually depend on the type of poisoning, the substance amount consumed, and age. In most cases, you should call the emergency. If you need pictures of poisoning for your current project, do not hesitate to browse our curated collection.

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Raise awareness with the proper poisoning images

Various poisoning agents include spoiled food, agricultural chemicals, air pollutants, abused drugs, medications, natural poison, and even radiation. So, whether you write a post or an article about the risks of contracting a food illness when visiting a foreign country, make your point about the importance of proper fresh produce washing, or inform about health hazards in the specific area, using the pictures is beneficial. Find the content you need by browsing our high-quality stock photos. With our vast selection, you won't need to adapt your text depending on the images.

Use photos indicating poisoning in your design

Medicine and healthcare develop by the minute; the same goes for new drugs and healthcare products that come to market. Perhaps, you are working on a new packaging design for the antidotes, or need to make posters or billboards that will bring the topic out into the open - for example, before summer and traveling season, mushroom and berry foraging season, etc. In this case, you will need a proper illustration. Please consider our collection of poisoning photos, where you will find the most suitable options that look good in any format. Then, in just a few easy steps, find, buy, and download the content you need.