Russia's invasion – the biggest war crime of the 21st century

Russia's invasion – the biggest war crime of the 21st century

Things that happened were predicted by many people 10-20 years ago, for example, by Dzhokhar Dudayev, the first President of the Chechen Republic. In his legendary interview, he said: “Russia will attack Ukraine. Then, under the guise of "special military operation," a full-scale war will occur, and we will see attempts to enslave the Ukrainians to become a part of the Russian Empire.”

Rumors of an invasion had been circulating for a long time, but many people simply refused to believe this news. How can we talk about war if we live in a civilized society? The humanity and common sense of the top persons of the Russian Federation were overestimated. On February 24, at 4 am, missiles flew to Kyiv and other big cities of Ukraine for one purpose - to destroy.

About the occupier

For three months, we've heard assurances from Russian officials that they don't have any offensive plans, saying, "how could you even think of such things?". But, let's be honest: there were not many Ukrainians who believed in the peaceful mood of the Russians. Also, no one thought that simple, quiet streets would not be under fire. Just a week earlier, on Feb 17, 2022, Russia fired at a kindergarten in the Donbas just to blame Ukraine for this.

If you are still doubting that Russia is purposely sending missiles to civilians, note that Russian troops hit the military targets with precise accuracy. Even a lonely standing TV tower in Kyiv received an almost direct hit. Believing that the Russians "missed" and "accidentally" aimed a rocket right on the central square of the large city of Kharkiv would be strange. By the way, it was done by a "Calibr" missile, as confirmed by foreign experts. Ukraine doesn't have such weapons, so the opinion that Ukrainians are shelling themselves has no right to exist. Same as attacking its own nuclear plants, which poses enormous risks for Ukraine and all the countries nearby, and possibly, the whole world.

Perhaps, should we believe captured Russian soldiers when they assure that they did not shoot at anyone and did not know where they were going? We see many videos on the internet where the "liberators" fire the civilians' cars with no mercy. Unfortunately, the author of this material knows a true story that a Russian soldier who "doesn't shoot at anyone, and his command just abandoned him in the fields of Ukraine" fired at a civilian car with the siblings inside. The sister died, the brother was injured. It's not a single case: more than one thousand civilians have been killed by the weapons of Russians, and among them, 50 innocent children who will not have a future anymore.

Putin thought it would be easy

Putin planned to take over Ukraine in two days. Unfortunately for themselves, the "RIA Novosti" website forgot to remove prescheduled publication, and it was posted at 8 am 2 days after the start of the attack. There was such text as "restored historical justice," "Ukraine is under a new order," and "did you really think we would let Ukraine go so easily?"

Ukrainians have been holding on for 16 days now and still standing strong.

Russian soldiers with terrible equipment, poor instructions, and expired food were faced by well trained Ukrainian army equipped according to NATO standards and having full support from the nation at the same time. Therefore, the Russian government's plan to capture Ukraine for 2 days was delusional. For comparison, in 2015, Donetsk airport was only stormed by troops for 242 days. The Ukrainian soldiers gave up the object only after its complete destruction. The phrase "We've thrown rookies against people who've been training to kill us for 8 years" [pertaining to the start of the war in 2014 in Donetsk, Luhansk* - ed.] was recently heard in one of the enemy's conversations intercepted by the Ukrainian security forces.

Putin really needed a swift victory so that the West did not have time to recover. They wanted to put the puppet administration and begin the manipulations that we previously saw in the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, which are not recognized by any civilized country in the world. American intelligence reported that Putin did not expect such a rebuff from Ukraine, these massive sanctions from the West, and unprofessionalism from his commanders and soldiers.

Missiles fly on civilians, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens in a vengeful response. Enormous money is being spent on this, but why not if Russian taxpayers are silent? One volley of "Grad" costs 40,000 dollars. The official price of the "Calibr" missile has never even been published because it is a colossal expense. These missiles are now nervously scattered throughout the territory of Ukraine. Russia can always pay from the pockets of its citizens - raise the interest rate, turn a mortgage into a nightmare, and underpay workers to recover from such financial losses. 


Most Russians are upset that they will no longer travel for shopping to Milan, post videos in Tiktok, purchase furniture at IKEA, or won't be able to buy a new iPhone. Deaths of innocent people in Ukraine, sanctions, and the scorching Russian economy are of minor concern. Only about one-third of Russians care about the future of their country and have some common sense. Still, unfortunately, they easily fit into the thousands of police vans that the Putin regime has for those who protest against it.

We don't know how all this will end. One thing is for sure: with each passing day of the military campaign, Putin's chances of success are declining. According to the Yale School of Management, the rubles are falling, the troops are suffering losses, and companies are leaving the Russian market (about 230 companies have already gone) daily. It's only the beginning, as Hague ICC and UN have already started their investigation.

However, for one second, let's imagine that Putin achieved his goal, and Ukraine fell. What's next? How much do you need to spend every day to keep a vast country, where every single person hates you, under control? How many Russian soldiers and police officers will be killed every day by partisans? There definitely will be thousands of them! Nobody can hold a nation in the fist that is not used to being enslaved and has experience destroying the pro-Russian regime.

Of course, Putin counts on brute force, which produces excellent results in Russia. But Ukrainians are not Russians. While twenty people in Russia ran away from one policeman armed with a primitive baton, Ukrainians defended their freedom under sniper's fire in 2014. While Russians are afraid of a trip in a police van and getting 15 days in jail, Ukrainians risk their lives and stop tanks with their bare hands ignoring the shots of weapons.

In this senseless and bloody war, the entire nations and their generations will have to pay the price for the unhealthy aspirations of one person.